Whale of a Time

I have an unnatural fear of orca whales. For that reason, my family likes to buy me whale-shaped items, typically magnets. Last Christmas, my dad sent me a black and red wool throw with, yes, a huge Native American-inspired orca whale print. Thanks, dad. But it turns out not all whale-inspired items are terrifying. Some, like the bright green tissue box, actually have a welcome place in my house. Check out these cetacean-shaped offerings, which are functional, to boot.

Whale Tissue Holder from gnomesweetgnome. This happy guy spends his days in my living room spouting tissues. I love him.

Black Whale Key Holder by EcoShanty. This would look appropriate in my laundry room. I like the contrast of the black-stained wood, rough rope, and smooth hooks.

Whale Pillow Case by agnesmagnolia. I love the idea of adding this to my living room pillow entourage.

Wood Whale by Eric Pfieffer. This desktop organizer is simple in design, functional, and made in Michigan, my home state!